Our Brands

Our BrandsTenTonHammer.com remains one of the fastest growing, most respected massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) communities on the Internet. Since our launch in 2004, we have become one of the top ranking sites for MMOG players, creating and posting over 100 exclusive articles each month. Ten Ton Hammer has a stable of over a dozen veteran MMO players and former developers on staff, and we do not accept advertising from any Secondary Market companies.

Our BrandsElitist Jerks is the premier website for MMO theorycrafting. The community has built a reputation of unparalleled excellence over the past several years as some of the most dedicated and intelligent gamers in the world. Whether you want to know the hidden numbers on that new game item or want to pick the best progression path for your game character, someone at EJ will have ALL the answers.

Our BrandsEQHammer was built from the ground up as a place to learn about and discuss the games of the EverQuest franchise. Each of our authors have a strong background in MMOs, with most being longtime (and current) EQ and EQII palyers. We are committed to community first and foremost, and strive to provide gamers with not only the best original content for EverQuest, EverQuest II, and EverQuest Next, but actively maintain and participate in forum discussions.

Our BrandsGuild Wars 2 Hub took off with rocketing success in March of 2012. The site was designed from the ground up to provide Guild Wars 2 players advice, guides, exclusive interviews and editorials, and most of all a community to call “home.” Reaching record numbers of active readers and followers, GW2 Hub quickly made its mark in the gaming community and even among the developers themselves as the first choice for original features and guides.

Our BrandsSWTOR Hub was the first “Hub” site brought to life by Master Games International. In anticipation of the hottest MMO title of 2011 the SWTOR Hub staff quickly and diligently built a community around the Star Wars: The Old Republic game. Offering readers a vast array of game guides, game tools, editorials with integrity, detailed videos and exclusive interviews, SWTOR Hub has something for every fan of SW:TOR.